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Computer Buying Tips For New Users

When purchasing a computer, it’s always good to use the best computer buying tips that you can find to make sure you buy what you really need. Here are a few important tips to help you purchase either a laptop or a desktop computer. The first decision to make before selecting your computer is whether a desktop or laptop is the right computer for your needs. If you’re using a computer for basic use, the processor does not have to be as fast as those used for gaming and mathematical computations. Otherwise, most all processors are more than adequate for everyday needs.

If you want a laptop, decide which screen size is the most convenient for you. If you do not want a widescreen because all you really need is a small screen for your purposes, then buy that size and don’t allow yourself to be influenced to purchase more than what is actually necessary. It will be uncomfortable if you have a widescreen that is unwieldy.

Memory is the most important thing that you should consider when you select a computer. Usually, 2GB is fine if you find a great deal on a computer. Just make sure that it is upgradeable. Generally, 4 GB is the most you will really need that will give you sufficient speed for most tasks. It would be advantageous as well if the 4GB can be upgraded to 8GB in the future, should you need more memory.

As soon as you take your new computer home and before surfing the web, make sure the anti-virus software is activated. Along with this activation, make a backup recovery CD(s) or call the company to order them. Some are included within certain computer packages. This will restore your computer if it should ever crash.

For a basic PC or laptop, you need not spend more than $500, unless you are an Apple fan. If you’re a fan of Apple products, you will pay more. Also, keep in mind that you really do not need more than the warranty that comes with a computer since most computers rarely break down unless mishandled. You should have no problem in finding the right computer if you simply stick to these basic computer buying tips for new users.

Important Computer Maintenance Tips To Boost Speed

Do you get frustrated every time you try and use your PC? Unfortunately this is an all too common feeling and one that becomes more serious as time persists. If you want to find a solution that will allow for your PC to perform in the way that it has been designed to then you should take a moment to check out the following computer maintenance tips.

There are many factors which can result in an unresponsive PC. To start with you should ensure that no physical damage is done to the hardware. It is for this reason that no matter where you reside you should ensure that there is a UPS device between the electricity socket and the computer. This will help do away with potential damage caused by power surges.

The problems you are experiencing may be caused by too many programs and applications starting up when the computer is first turned on. Some people have the habit or filling up their hard drive with unnecessary software. By doing so you will only be causing the performance to drop. Click on your list of installed programs and see which are never used. These can be deleted.

How much space is left on your hard drive? There is always the tendency to use up every single byte of space that exists. But by doing so you can dramatically affect the PCs responsiveness. Always leave at least 1 GB of space unused. If you have an overwhelming amount of data then the solution would be to purchase an external hard drive. These come in various capacities, the biggest being 1 TB.

Do you have any essential files and other information stored on the computer? If so you should back up the files on a regular basis. This would help to make certain that should a problem arise no valuable data would be lost.

If you have a variety of peripherals that you use on a regular basis, such as a web cam, flash drive, and printer, then never remove these without following the correct steps. If you were to simply pull out the devices you may end up causing damage to the motherboard as well as the peripherals in question.

Unfortunately it is all too easy for a PC to get infected by malware. It can happen when surfing the net or when opening emails. As long as you have a recommended security suite which updates itself on a daily basis you should be confident that your PC is free of infection. Never install more than a single anti-virus program as otherwise it can cause the PC to slow down.

It can be useful to get hold of a registry cleaner application. The registry contains various commands that control the way application work. If the registry entries are not stored in the right way then the result can be that the programs you use take forever to launch. Before carrying out a registry cleaning make sure you back up your computer to prevent a problem occurring.