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Looking to Buy a Computer Read Our Desktop Computer Buying Tips

Purchasing a home or business computer can be a big and sometimes costly decision. Whether you are buying a computer for personal or business use, choosing the right components can be a difficult task. So how do you ensure that you get exactly what you need?

This computer buying tips aims to help you make the right decisions when buying your next desktop computer or when upgrading your computer. To help you find the right mix, we’ve outlined some common user types, and what emphasis needs to be placed on the components in each situation.

Gaming PC

Computer games drive the computer hardware performance race. Nothing pushes a computer harder than a modern computer game, so if computer gaming is the main purpose of your PC, you will need high performance gear throughout. Specifically, you will need a fast CPU and motherboard combination, a fast video card and a large amount of system memory (RAM).

Office Use PC

Office type applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet Browsers are only moderate demanding, in fact, you can still use a 2 year old PC to do most of these tasks adequately. CPU and system memory are the focal point of an office PC. The CPU keeps thing ticking along nicely, and the system memory will allow you to have as many embedded images, and as many applications running simultaneously as you like.

Video Editing PC

Anyone with a digital video camera can use their PC as a semi professional editing studio. Video editing systems require a fast CPU, lots of system memory, decent video card, and as big and as fast a hard drive as you can afford.

Sound and Music PC

Maybe you just want to listen to music files from you favorite band. Then again, maybe you would like to create your own music, record and sequence your own tracks. The audio studio PC requires a similar focus on the video editing PC (CPU and system memory), but additional care will need to be taken when choosing the audio card. There are a whole range of professional level sound cards and these cards are significantly more advanced than common consumer level cards, however, they have a price to match. For amateur though, you don’t need to be too concerned, you still have a great deal of fun using basic sound gear.

3D Graphic and Animation PC

These workstations cost a fortune, but produce amazing results that is with the right software. 3D graphic applications are normally scalable, meaning the faster the PC the faster the application will work, so a super CPU is a must. In addition to a fast CPU you will want a high end graphics card and lots of system memory.