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Who does not love free giveaways?  Before I go ahead to buy anything online, first I would do a wild card search for a free stuff, then followed by looking for discount codes, offer coupons, trial subscription, make pricing comparison across similar trade before resorting to pay for it.  You may think that I am cheap.  Wrong! This is a typical behavior of a smart shopper.  I am not violating any rules but exercising my right.  It is out there if only you know how to grab it to your advantage.

Back to the point of FREE wood project plans.  I have stumbled across an excellent website that all of my reader should take the full advantage of it.  It is not a teaser free plans that lure you into buying a 10 thousand dollars project plan.  There are just purely free booklets with free instruction and simple diagram to finishing.

This website is www.minwax.com.  I am not an affiliate or earn any dime by referring my reader to this site.  It is just my ultimate pleasure of sharing good stuff.

There are over 2 dozen of pdf format free woodworking project plans for immediate download.  There is no gimmick, no forms to fill out asking for personal data, just an easy giveaway with no question asked.

So, what are the free project plans for?  Well, it covers a broad range of categories for an example nesting trays, shaker-style coat and mitten rack, and arts & crafts table lamp.  There are also some furniture projects, outdoor plans like a porch swing, garden bench and planter.  Better still, they have storage project plans including stackable shelves, hard maple kitchen shelf and CD holder.  If you are keen on the gardening project idea, check out here.

Woodworking Plans View Woodworking Projects (🔴 Watch Anytime) | Woodworking Plans Get Free & Instant Access!!how to Woodworking Plans for This website is so diversified that they are also kid friendly.  They have offered small project like vintage airplane plan, tabletop hockey game, tabletop soccer game and finally baseball cap rack project.  This project is great for the beginner young kid who would like to find their passion in woodworking.

This special kid orientated free project plans is designed to introduce various woodworking skills like measuring, making square cuts, curved cuts and even exposure to using a router.

The free woodworking plans collection cater for woodworker at different skill levels.  To start off for a beginner, you can pick a country flat tray, whittled peg rack, fishing pole rack or shaker-style coat and mitten rack.

Intermediate level woodworker can select wood furniture like occasional table, new England pine blanket chest, side table or a traditional bookcase.  If you are aiming for a different scale, you can choose from a patio planter, sliding book rack or TV/VCR cabinet with swivel tray plan.

As for the advance woodworker, there are arts & crafts table lamp, oak pie safe, snack bar with stools and not forgetting contemporary rolltop desk plan.

Woodworking Plans View Woodworking Projects (☑ Step-By-Step Ideas) | Woodworking Plans Get Access To Plans!!how to Woodworking Plans for Nothing online beat this website because all the free plans are set up to provide a step by step lesson with detailed instruction, helpful hints including shop safety awareness.  They even throw in a comprehensive advice of applying finish coat to complete your master creation.

So, go ahead to check out for 1 last update 2020/05/30 with this website and find your inspiration.So, go ahead to check out with this website and find your inspiration.


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